Tata Enterprises, Inc. is dedicated to being internationally recognized as the leading importer of wood products by providing high quality products and services to customer. The company was founded in 1999 by business professionals who have been in the wood industry for over 25 years serving Japan, Europe, Canada, and the US market, and own a complete line of production facilities in Indonesia. By having an expertise, reliable and cost effective manufacturing source, enabling Tata Enterprises to constantly focus on improving, developing and providing high quality wood products and services. Tata Enterprises offers its own product lines, including Deckline, Interior Flooring, Truck Flooring, Outdoor Patio Furniture, Plywood and Milwork Patterns as well as Exotic Lumber to customers. Tata Enterprises has been continuously building its reputation for innovation, quality and reliability over the years; as a result, TATA has agents in over 45 states to assist retailer lumber yards, contractors and homeowners with technical questions and provide marketing support to distributors nationwide. We believe in delivering our best to You that makes Tata Enterprises so unique. Copyright © 2004 TATA Enterprises, Inc.. All rights reserved. Tata Enterprises, Inc. See terms and conditions here. Tata Enterprises Inc 2603 Camino Ramon Suite #200, San Ramon, CA 94583 (510) 865-8888