Tata Enterprises and Mangaris take our responsibilty to our environment and sustainability very seriously.  We are Lacey Act Compliant and Indonesian Legal Wood (SVLK).  The following is some background on the steps taken within Indonesia to protect our environment.

In the 1980s, the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry set up a regulation system named Indonesian Wood Distribution System in order to ensure the legality of logging and to properly manage the local resources.

Logs transported to the industries should be covered by a legal letter of Logs or Sawn-timber clarifying that it comes from the forest concessions who owned the Annual Allowable Harvesting Volume License before it is transferred to the industries. They have to pay Reforestation Fund and Forest Product Levy. Through this process, a chain of custody system in Logs or Sawn-timber was setup to ensure sustainability. Moreover, it is a mandatory that all industry’s activities should be audited by the Ministry of Forestry twice a year thereby ensuring compliance.

Beyond the system above, the Indonesian has implemented the following conservation efforts:

A total of permanent natural forest of 112.2 million ha is set aside in accordance to the social-economic and ecological aspects of forest function to human being.  This land has been segregated accordingly:

  1. 64 million ha designated as Protection and Conservation Zone. Logging operation is banned in this area so it remains in its natural stage forever.
  2. 68.2 million ha is set-aside as Production Zone to have the economic value to support the national development. This area is setup with  a Selective Harvesting System, one of the internationally acknowledged proper Sylvicultural System for Sustainable Forest Management. Under this method, the timber harvested license is issued to those companies who are accounting for all sustainable factors as required by the government and following the Selective Harvesting System. The annual Allowable Harvesting volume for appointed annual harvesting block is based on the ground survey called Timber Cruising Reports, and Calculated 56% of the potential standing commercial timber. The minimum required diameter is 50 cm and up. The logged over area is maintained and the younger trees is simulated to grow naturally and in healthy condition. The rotation of the harvesting is about 35 years as younger trees of about 20 cm diameter grow about 1cm per year to become 55 cm in diameter within that timeframe. This is where the Chain of Custody Certificate is used to ensure proper logging.
  3. To protect and to save the permanent natural forest, Indonesian government allocated an additional 27.8 ha under jurisdiction of Forestry Department and designated as Buffer Zone called Conversion Zone. This Conversion Zone is available for conversion to non forestry purpose to anticipate the rising demand for land in sustaining the national development.
  4. Considering the above elaborate system implemented in Production Forest, although without certification, Indonesian production forest is sustainably managed.

At Mangaris, we strongly believe in what the Indonesian government has done and follow all regulations to ensure future generations have access to the beautiful environment and products we provide.